Essential Skills Fly Sets
All fly sets are supplied in tough polypropylene fly boxes to keep your flies well protected, ideal size for vest or shirt pocket.

Heavy Nymphs

A collection of Oliver Edwards’s heavy nymphs. All are copies of caddisfly larva, both cased and free living. Caddisflies are amongst the most abundant aquatic insects the world over and are an important food source trout and grayling. That’s why these are must have patterns for any river fly fisher.

Fished singly, or even better when included in the trio of a Czech Nymphing set-up. They are all particularly effective when a heavy spate is clearing. At such times the naturals get dislodged and bowled along by the heavy flow, and the fish take advantage of these large morsels. In such heavy water I won’t hesitate to knot on a size 8 Peeping caddisflies on the middle dropper of my trio of nymphs.

For more information on individual flies go to the sub-surface patterns page.
Hydropsyche Size 8
Hydropsyche Size 10
Rhyacophila Size 8
Rhyacophila Size 10
Peeping Caddis Original Size 8
Peeping Caddis Debris Case Size 10
Finish Cased Caddis Size 8

Small Nymphs and Caddisfly Patterns

A collection of Oliver Edwards small nymphs and caddisfly patterns. All subsurface patterns. This selection has examples from the three key groups - Mayflies or Upwings (Ephemeroptera), Caddisflies (Trichoptera) and Stoneflies (Plectoptera)

The small nymphs are intended to be fished singly – classic style - in fairly shallow riffles, when the relevant hatch is imminent. On water were the fish are lying deeper it will be necessary to add weight in the form of a heavier nymph on a dropper, about 2ft above the small nymph.

I also fish them as the nymph with the ‘Duo’ or ‘Klink & Dink’ set up – a very effective technique.

Both POPA caddis are best fished on a dropper approx 2 ½ ft from a Rhyac pupa at point. When fished at last light on warm evenings in summer, when both Rhyacs and Hydro’s are emerging and egg laying, they are a deadly combination.

For more information on individual flies go to the sub-surface patterns page.
Heptagenid Nymph Size 12
Baetis Nymph Size 16
Ephemerella Nymph Larger Olive Phase Size 16
Pale Watery / PMD Nymph Size 18
Yellow Sally Stonefly Nymph Size 12
Small Black Stone Fly Nymph Size 14
Swimming Rhyacophila Pupa Size 12
POPA Caddis Hydropsyche Size 14
POPA Caddis Rhyacophila Size 14

Emergers and Dries

Classic Oliver Edwards designs for the three key stages for dry fly fishing – Emerger, Dun and Spinner.

Emergers – simply, a must have pattern.

The Footprint Duns are intended for ‘wised-up’ fish that have seen and refused most standard patterns. These ‘No-Hackle’ patterns have the clean outline of the natural, and better copies the true footprint of the real insects.

The Semi-Circle Spinners are for warm still summer evenings, when egg laying events are on. The traditional ‘wings flat to the surface’ pattern presents visual problems for the angler, not so with this pattern. The semi-circle wings are visible right into deep dusk but the design does not compromise its effectiveness.

For more information on individual flies go to the dry flies and emergers page.
Emerging Dun Large Dark Olive: Size 16
Emerging Dun Pale Watery: Size 20
Yellow May Emerger: Size 16

Footprint Dun Large Dark Olive Size 14
Footprint Dun Olive Upright Size 14
Footprint Dun Pale: Watery Size 20

Semi-Circle Spinner Pale Watery Size 20
Semi-Circle Spinner Olive Upright Size 14
Semi-Circle Spinner Yellow May Size 12