Upstream Nymphing

Classic upstream nymphing was once the preserve of southern chalk streams, however it is also very effective on fast flowing freestone rivers. It is often quite strenuous fishing fast riffle but more often than not, your hard work is rewarded both in terms of numbers and size of fish. For me there is also something very special, almost magical fishing this way - tightening on to that slight stab of the fly line and feeling the solid thump, thump of a fish.

North Country Spiders

Most fishermen prefer wet fly fishing 'across and down', probably because it is an easy relaxing way to fish, but it is not the best way in my experience. I prefer to cast virtually square across the current using an upstream reach cast, holding the rod high I track it across my body allowing the spiders to drift with control not just swinging round in the current. This way I avoid those plucks and pulls and connect with many more fish.

Oliver Edwards

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Imitative Fly Fishing

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